OUR FOCUS HAS CHANGED. In the past two years Thrice Publishing has been searching for short novels and novellas to add to its growing library of titles. We are now looking for novel-length material. Vicinity of 70,000 words +

We are especially looking for surrealist material or work that expands the normal bounds of structure and perception. We are not looking for memoir this round. And we are not looking for young adult, coming-of-age, historical fiction, or - frankly - anything the Big 5 Publishers would love.

If you've prepared a novella or short novel for this reading period, we will still look at it in the interest of fairness. But do so informed that it is a secondary consideration.

We will not get answers back to you until August. All submissions will be read before any decisions are made. Then there will be a final round of finalists, out of which we will decide what we do. We can publish up to two titles a year. But understand - WE RESERVE THE OPTION TO PUBLISH NONE.

What you need to do now...

1. A short synopsis of the work. Preferably this synopsis will be no more than 175 words.
2.An explanation of the piece's theme, general idea, or your thoughts about the piece. Preferably no more than 100 words
3.The first 10 pages. Not a part of the middle, your "best part of the work," or the conclusion, please. The start.
4.Include the title of the work and word count.
5. If we're interested, we will contact you.
6. We regret that the amount of queries we will obtain will keep us from responding individually to each one. If not accepted, there will be a form email sent. We simply won't have the time to review your work with you