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We are looking for surrealist or outsider writing - prose, poem or other - of any length for an anthology of same to be published at a heretofore unspecified date in 2018. Contributors will receive 2 copies of the final collection on publication. Though Thrice will place an ISBN on this as a collection, the moral and intellectual rights to each piece accepted and published revert strictly to that piece's creator(s) on publication.

Please have an understanding of what is meant by surrealism and outsider literature before submitting. There must be a connection to surrealist processes and references or touch the unconscious genius of chance. Echoes of dadaist disgust are more than welcome. Outsider literature is considered, for these purposes, direct and awe-inspired writing unhindered by academic considerations or conventions. Please have an understanding of outsider art, for example, before submitting. These understandings are very important, as they will largely be the main criteria for accepting and rejecting work.

Just because something is weird or strange does not make it surrealism. Just because you were lazy on your punctuation doesn't make it outsider work. We will know it when we see it, but there is a lot of kitsch in the world that take on these titles. And although imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, please understand that we are looking for authentic work of this nature strictly because outlets for it are so constricted even in the best of times.

*No simultaneous submissions.
*If you are sending more than one piece, please send each one individually.
*Include publishing history or not, at your option. Never-before-published writers are encouraged. If accepted, we will request a short two-line bio at that time - even if you don't have one yet.
*Have some commensurate patience as this project is a work in process in form and time, but our intention is to publish in the Fall of 2018 and get back to everyone submitting, one way or the other, sometime in March of 2018 if not before.
*We are not accepting art or visual-poetry/prose for this issue.
*We can only accept pdf., doc., and docx files.

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